I just wanted to give a big thanks to the wonderful folks on this forum for all the help they have given me over the last month.
I started out trying to figure out weather to modify my old Epiphone Fat Strat or buy a new guitar. Then everyone said the amp would make the most difference. My budget was set at 1000.00 to 1200.00 tops as my money comes hard but I really did want to get back into playing I just turned 56 today and started back when I was 10, but have not done much with it until 4 years ago when I experienced a divorce and bought the Epiphone Fat Strat. All my other equipment (57 Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty, Kustom 100w Brain Tube with 2-12 Altec Lancing cab) had been ripped off 20 years or so ago except a Yamaha FG250 Standard. So I had been out of the equipment loop for some time. I did buy a Spider III 2 years ago to replace the little modeling amp I got with the Epi. (Gave it and a BC Rich Warlock I bought to my very talented Niece for X-Mass)

Well here it is thanks to you good folks
1200.00 budget
1. New Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top Flame BlueJ=465.00
2. Luthier set up = 35.00
3. Modified Epi Fat Strat (Seymour Duncan Pearly Gate H-Texas SRV Specials on the singles (e-Bay)=225.00
4. Luthier set up with new Clear 10s=40.00
5. Demo B52 AT-112 all tube amp 2 channel (beautiful clean and awesome separate overdrive both with separate volume, contour, treble, bass, middle and reverb with low res. The back has all the other type of options you could want. THIS AMP IS SORLEY UNDERATED FOR THE PRICE!!) Came with a channel.gain, reverb foot pedal=300.00
6. A 3 GUITAR Stand, polish, straps, new strings for Standard, new clears for Les Paul and a Line6 FBV Express with Wah (one day sale)=200.00
All prices included Tax and rounded up to the nearest dollar.
I blew my budget by 50.00 L
Still have the SpiderIII of course and all I can tell you is WOW!! The modified Fat Strat is everything I thought it would be and more SRV tones and then the Pearly Gates just cry. The Les Paul has such full tones CREEEEEMY.
There has not been one sound I have been unable to emulate yet!! First day and I have not played one song as I am like a dog with a pile of bones, I just keep looking for a sound I can’t do!

Tell me how to make my dig pics fit the forum size and I will post. and once again learn something new from you'all
to put pics in the forum, create an account on a photo hosting site (www.photobucket.com), upload the pics to that , and copy/paste the picture's url (it's labeled as " code" under the picture on photobucket), and there you have it.
And that sounds like my kind of shopping spree...

Happy 56th birthday!
+1 to the B-52 I love mine.
Personally I think the cleans are alright, they get the job done, but the gain on it with my attenuator and the amp cranked is amazing! i love it, but 500$ I ever spent, haha.

but one question, you are paying a luthier to put strings on your guitar?

and as to making pictures, fit, I just open the picture with microsoft paint, and in one of the drop down menu's from the top, there is a stretch/skew option. I set both the dimensions to like 50% to it scales properly. Save, upload to a free image host, and your done! haha

Oh and of course happy birthday! im working on turning 21 at the moment... haha
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No I usually restring myself but on the Epi Fat Strat he had to take the strings off to level all the frets set the action and put in the new pups(Phasing was a bit of a bitch) so I gave him a new set of Clears to put on.
Nice setup man, can't wait for the pics!
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