well i feel as if ive hit a plateu

i know alot of chords including barre chords, can do pinch harmonics, know the basics of music theory, know 4 scales, if you want to know my lead guitar abilities i can play tyhe best solo i can play is stricken, i am ok at tremelo picking have a problem skipping strings though, my alternate and economy picking is a habit now it just comes automaticaly, and i can tap reasonable.

so im wondering what should i do to improve my technique because i feel as though im just playing the same junk over and over and not progressing, usually i just jam, so what should i move onto now?

edit: cant really do pinches that well
Move on to some easier shred... some of Satch's stuff is quite easy compared to most other shredders, check it out.

Also, you didn't mention anything about blues. Learn the blues scale, if you haven't already. Love the blues scale. If you can't have a decent blues jam, no guitarist will ever respect you.
Learn some songs, and make sure you're getting them down nicely, with good technique and timing.
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sweep, sweep tap?!

btw, i envy you.
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thanks for the blues suggestion i really havnt touched the blues

yea i should probably learn to sweep, seems extremely frustrating but ill give it a shot
What I've found that works to motivate me to play and learn different stuff is to get into playing with an all style band. When you start having to learn songs from different genres or era's of music than what you're used to you'd be surprised how much your playing improves.