my friend just inherited lots of money. and he is gonna give me $2000 for a guitar and $2000 for a half stack.

i play progressive metal.
guitarwise ive been thinking either the JEM or jackson USA soloist. and i have no clue about halfstacks. I just dont want marshall.

what guitar and halfstack should i go for?
gary kramer turbulenct r. My favorite for metal. Keep in mind im mostly into acoustic lately, but still for metal i say the turbulence.

or jackson soloist, or a nice ibanez rg.

I love the action/playability on the ibanez and turbulence most. to me the turbulence has the best tone for metal, and then the jackson. The ibanez just feels so great i would rather get it than the jackson.

As for an amp get a engl amp. the powerball is awesome.
I own the jackson USA and it's fantastic, I've never played a JEM before so i can't recommend it over that, but with the jackson you won't be disappointed.
are you serious?

Lucky ass mofo.

I would do that for my friends as well though, so I can believe it.

progressive metal sounds like it would be sexy with
Ibanez S2170 Prestige (get pup upgrades of course)
DiMarzios recommended to throw in.
Peavy 5150/6505?

I suggest you give him oral for an even higher budget.
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Squire bullet and Marshall MG 100W.

+1 nah kidin

hmm progressive metal aye, im guessing dream theatre, im not into prog metal but if ur a fan get that john petrucci guitar + a marhsall jcm halfstack + lots of effects.

id personalyl go esp eclipse + marshall jcm