At first I thought "oh man another lame video...." but I dug it lol. The music starts out pretty boring but no biggie some vocs behind it and it will be just right. Then the drummer starts headbanging haha loved it.

The soloing was very good and really added to the song. Its hard to keep a good guitar sound with a 3 piece while soloing but you didnt have any problems.

Good job guys.
If you check my profile song please leave a comment on any part.....THANKS!!!
What's with the random volume swells? Probably some form of built-in limiter on your camera. You have a decent instrument mix going there, just need your drummer to play louder.

The riffs are very cool. Nice, simple, heavy. Just enough variation for the moment until you add the vox. Nice solos. Were they improv? They sounded like it.

It sounds kind of like when my band decide to do a heavy jam, at least on bass and drums.

Care to listen to my song?
thanks for the responses! yea the solos were improv. we didnt really do a sound check with the camera so thats y the drums arent loud enough.
its got a cool gritty sound to it and the solos seemed very unforced and fluid. throw in some good lyrics that don't repeat too much or crowd the overall sound and i'd say you have yourself a great song there
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