Help this rythm player?


Hi der, hi der. Alright, I'm a rythm player looking for something to liven-up my arpeggio runs, single note rythms, and finger-picking. I was thinking maybe a chorus, but I already have one. Also would a flanger/phaser help any?

If so, suggestions please.

Also, I am trying to limit myself to 5 pedals max, if possible.

I have a compressor/sustainer (Boss CS-3)
chorus (DigiTech MultiChorus)
acoustic simulator (Boss AC-3)
EQ (Boss GE-7)

so, would a phaser/flanger be good to liven-up my figner-picking and arpegging?

If so, what would YOU suggest?
Duh, it mixes the input signal with a slightly modulated copied signal and plays it (copied signal) back over a constantly changing delay time after the original signal. This being governed by an internal LFO (Low-Frequency-Oscillator). Controls for speed (how fast the signal is passed along the spectrum), depth/range (width or length of the spectrum), and ocassionally a delay range (for more specific time-based signals).

^yeah, I know my ****.

the main difference being the flanger sounds like a jet or a metallic warble, while phaser sounds like a slow rythmic texture to a fast underwater bubbling.

thought you could pin one on me, huh?

Welcome to the O'Riely Factor, this is a no-spin zone, I won't let you spin me.

I'm only asking for suggestions. Not an exact answer.

I just want something for a few quick lead runs between verses and during the bridges. Something cheap like $50-100. A quick on/off kind of thing. Just something for a splash of flavor. Are Danelectro pedals that cheap or do people just make them out to be?
Loosen up your fingers, Do 1234 exercises. I know they are boring as hell but they help. Then move on to 1 3 2 4. And keep at it. Then keep making up random, somewhat awkward finger positions and practicing them, it helped me a lot.

Also For past alternate picking, try learning Glasgow Kiss- John petrucci.

For finger picking try Dust in the wind- Kansas, if that's way to hard for you then start doing nothing else matters by metallica.
No, I already know how to finger-pick, alternate-pick, the centipede (1,2,3,4, exercise), and even hybrid-pick (fingerpicking with fingers and a regular pick), even blues finger-style, not to toot my own horn or anything.

I'm just looking for an effect to give it some modulation is all.
It sounds like you're buying a modulation effect just to buy a modulation effect. flanger and phaser aren't something I would necessarily pick for the type of things you want to use them for...

If you're just looking to experiment, I would probably recomend a phaser.... Just in my opinion, quite a few more tasteful applications for a phaser than a flanger....

And just out of curiosity, why is your limit 5 pedals?
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