Sounds good man....very epic. Harmonies and variety of instruments all blended well. Bridge sounded a little funny....I think the cleans might sound better with a more strummed feel rather than a trem feel. Lead overtop sounded cool. Solo might sound better distorted too...but perhaps not. Tune was a bit long too...but these are all minor things. All in all pretty solid song. Nice work.
cheers for the crit mate, will do this as I listen:

first thought is that it all starts quite strongly, maybe introduce chords first then the picked arpeggios. Good transition to distortion though and keys really add to the epic feel. Verse 1 works well although I did really like the effect the choir had when that came in. One thought by verse 2 is maybe slow the drums a bit, the pounding bass and snare get a bit old when used too often.

Bridge now, the thirds I like but not so fond of the rhythm you used, but works well with the sweeps. Weird criticism, but although it sounds good, there's something this section just lacks. Second sweep section just sounds as though it's there to be fast, doesn't really add anything. Good transition back into the verse though and nice harmonies as always.

The solo isn't bad but could use some work. The best thing I find to do is to try and work the solo so you aren't starting a phrase on the first note of a bar, or if you do, to connect the phrases between bars. This makes it sound much more sophisticated and unpredictable. Also try and throw in some more bends, slides etc, accentuate the notes differently and you'll get a much better feel. As I say, it's not bad, but with a little bit of work it'll sound much better. Also there's no real end to the solo, try and build up to a big bend at the end which is left over the top of your final chorus.

All in all, it's a good piece, but with a few little tweaks could be very good. Have a look over the solo and the sweep section but very promising foundation.
pre-chorus is very reminiscent of wintersun

the transition from sweep section 2 to chorus is a bit too sudden

the solo was tasteful, no speed demon sweeps, just well placed notes though i would like it better if the solo ending was a bit more impactful to the song
great ending

liked it, sorry that i don't have much more to critique about it but that attests more for the song's quality than anything else. just little nitpicks from me

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It's probably just me, but I found it better with the strings muted. It gave the piece a more "real" feeling, tbh.

The intro is just great. The chorus is definitely memorable. The bridge reminded me of SOAD's Roulette.

I'd love to hear this with growled Amon Amarth -esque vocals.

I think the last bar before the chorus should be more like pampampampam! CHORUS!

And it's a great song =)

Well, I can't say much except for that this song is full of win. The first 30 bars or so were enough to win me over on this one. The song was epic in every sense of the word; odd, though, how epic isn't even included in the title.

To make it brief, this song is brilliant. I honestly wish I could offer a true crit, but this piece is near flawless in my eyes. The only things I would bother changing is the volume levels of the guitars, as some of melodies are often drowned out, which is a shame, as they are not only memorable but epic as well. The solo though, as already pointed out, transitions to the chorus a bit abruptly.

If I was writing this song, I probably would have thrown in an acoustic interlude; but that's just me. I'm an interlude ***** (I don't think I've written a song without one yet lol).

All in all, this is a great piece; it seems that lately, every epic song introduced on this forum just keeps getting better and better. My rate: 9/10.

Crit mine?: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=792152
I like the intro, when the distortion came in I could already tell this was going to be epic. Loved the keys in riff 1. The chorus was great. The bridge is my favorite part. The sweep sections were also very nice. The solo doesn't do the song justice; compared to how good the rest of the song is, the solo just doesn't work. I like how you added the extra guitar during the last chorus, made it even more epic.
9/10 until you made the solo as good as the rest of the song.
What kind of vocals do you plan on having for the song? I would love to hear Amon Amarth growls like mention before.

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Wow, thanks guys! Yeah, i plan on having harsh vocals in this song, Kinda Sirenia/Wintersun/Norther esque vocals as that's what i'm decent at (and like the most) but Amon Amarth would work too.

The drums i haven't really touched too much apart from basic rythym, but will work on them. Thanks for the advice, will take heed!

I didn't include 'epic' in the title cause i feel it's a little overused, although it does have an epic feel... i would rather let others catergorize it as epic that mislabel it myself :P If you like this you will probably like the others in my sig too
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