Whats your favorite brand but mostly...whats the weirdest thing you've done with them...\

Well me its Elixirs.

And when I change em I fapp and sort of slide it down my.. XD I kidd... I made bracelets out of mine...well more like frizzbees.
i cant make my mind up.
ive sort of switch between d'darrios and elixiers for a while,
now im trying out ernie balls, they seem pretty awesome.
i once beheaded my friend with a 0.6 high E...
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Squirrels are fluffy bits of gay.

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My penis is so big it has its own hands.
For me it's Blue Steels .13s. I love them when they're new.
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and my mom then told me to masturbate more.

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Big burly men grunting without shirts on pretty much summed up my childhood.

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Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do more look like?
D'Daddario 11s
manly strings
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I play with Ernie's Balls err Ernie Ball Regular Slinkies. I read an article about a guy who made a flamingo or something out of guitar strings once. And one time, I used a bass string to work on my car. I'd tell you the story, but it's excitementocity is off the charts...the bottom of 'em.
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Ummm, petrol? Nip down to your local petrol station, buy a litre of the stuff and soak your balls in it, light them up and start playing with them.
DR Hi-Voltage

and i once accidentally put my high E string through the palm of my right hand, said "MOTHER ****ER!" then pulled it out, and dumped rubbing alchohol on my hand, finished stringing my guitar then wrote i wicked technical metal riff

not to toot m own horn buy that ****in' hardcore right there
i used to use ernie ball super slinky's but ire cently changed to ernie ball regular slinkys
Living is easy with eyes closed...

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I'm surprised you returned to this thread after cheeseman owned you.
I'm trying out elixer .09 microwebs right now, they feel and sound great, I also have a pack of nanowebs I'm gonna try next
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Trying out Warwick Yellow Lables at the moment. and... Ernie Ball guitar strings when i can get my hands on them (nearest store that stocks them is like 1 and a half hours away) otherwise D'addario's..
DiAdarrio's, 9's.
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Rengori, I hereby name you GOD. Bow down fuckers.
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SO if Janne and Alexi did a gay porn, would I be the only one willing to buy it?

That's a dumb question, you know everyone in here would buy it too. I know I would!

Search for Artefact.
I use D'addarios.
I'm using .10 now, but I'm looking into getting .12
You're not brutal.

(click the smiley!)

i personally love GHS boomers.
theyve got the richest rock tone and theyre so bright for when u play clean.
they pwn d'addarios
rotosound medium guage swing 66 bass strings
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I feel dirty just reading that word. Grindcore... EW... I need a shower

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music is my meth equivalent
i use Misfits Skullbusters
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D'Addario .12's, like a real man. Also, this is my first post in months. What's up?
I will fuc