yes sorry this is another "which guitar" thread. hopefully people can help me out here

right now im looking at either this ibanez: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Ibanez-RG2EX1-Electric-Guitar-103382115-i1167867.gc

and this agile: http://www.rondomusic.com/septor6blueflm.html

im a metal head through and through and i already have a fairly decent guitar (jackson stealth hx). anyway basically whichever guitar i opt for is going to be used for downtuned metal (probly around c standard or maybe slightly lower). i cant really make a decision. i have played thousands of ibanez and feel comfortable with the wizard II neck and i basically know what im getting with the ibanez. the agile i have never played but it seems similar to the ibanez and especially to my current guitar (which is a good thing), and i see that the agile has a compound radius neck which should help with fast playing. the thing i want to know is how thin the agile neck is? (thinner is better for me). and im also wondering about pickups (compare the two). both guitars are basswood bodied, but the agile has an arch top which is nice, however i dont know if im a huge fan of the colour. id love some insight.
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the agile will not be a very impressive instrument ill tell u that from experience
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Rg2ex1 will be the best guitar for $300. It shines when you play metal, but it handles jazz and blues very well.