im not really sure if this belongs here but i broke a whammy bar inside my fender strat and now there is a piece of whammy in the whammy war slot so i cant just buy a new bar and stick in there so can i get some advise on replacing it with a floyd rose if i can...
You'll have to do quite a bit of chopping to fit a Floyd Rose in a typical strat trem equipt guitar, that to do even close to right requires a router, some bits, and a good pattern. My advice would be to take it to a shop if you want to fit a Floyd in there.

Ebay has been over the years littered with classic Floyd botch jobs on everything from 70's hard tail strats to (gasp) Les Pauls.

As far as how to get the old one out.. it depends on how much of the bar is busted off in the threads. Sometimes it can be removed quickly with a tap and an 'ez out'.

I'll assume since you have a threaded trem bar you probably have a Mexican made Strat or perhaps a Squier. If that's the case, take this opportunity to replace the bridge with a bridge that has a real trem block, like one from a U.S. built strat.
ok thank you very much for your time and patience i will bring it to a shop to see if they can get the hunk of bar out of it and if not ill see if they can get a floyd rose in there and if they cant do that i guess ill just get a standard tremolo for it.
try and glue the other part of the whammy onto the part stuck in your guitar, then screw it out from there. Then buy a new whammy bar. Or take it by the shop.