Ok, a while back here I posted a thread about what pedal I should get and a lot of people told be to get this or that and still plan on getting a peal, but....some people told me to get a new amp...a tube amp...

At first I just thought that they were way to expenisve but after looking I found some nice all Tube amps at very reasonable pirces. But, which one?

I've narrowed it down a bit to these three, but if you guys have another in mind tell me about it:

Crate V18 (either 1X12 or 2X12)
Crate V50 (1X12)

or Peavey Valveking.

All these amps are in my price range which is not much more than $400, so if you have another amp in mind, keep it in that range.

The amp I get ought to be versatile with an emphasis on modern distorted radio rock and alternative/punk music.

I need it for bedroom practice and band practice, and who knows, maybe oneday in the future a small gig.

So thanks in advance for any advice.
You get more for you rmoney when you buy used. A second hand Peavey Classic 30/50 or a Traynor YCV 40/50 could be found with that same $400, and be a much nicer amp.

If you need to buy new, the Palomino V32 fits your budget, too. I'd want 30W (or a little more) if you need cleans at gigging levels.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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Yeah I agree w/ the Classic 30.
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Also take a look at Blackheart amps. Im not too big of a palmino fan so i cant really give you any advice on those amps.