So ive decided to switch away from my multi-effects zoom pedal. I've decided to get an EQ, sustainer, and reverb. My Traynor YCV50 has great overdrive so i wont be neading that, and it can actually get very heavy, almost to a metal sound. I'm not sure it can get that HUGE heavy boosted fuzzy tone out though. I'm talking about like Smashing Pumpkins tone. I know I am going to need it, and it something Ive wanted for a while, but havent decided how to get it. I've looked into Big Muffs and their many forms but I'm not sure if that will cut it. It just sounds like a distortion pedal with a sustain knob, but i could be wrong. Any suggestions would be great.
Would I also need something before or after it? Like a boost of some sort just for that giant wall of sound that Im looking for. Just listen to any old smashing pumpkins song to know what im talking about (Geek USA?). I just feel like the big muff wont get me all the way there.
Alrighty, thank you. So if I decide to get a Big Muff, would the Sustain/compressor Boss CS-3 be neccessary?