After about a year of consistently practicing scales up and down and all around I can finally say I am pretty fluid with them. I can play them fast and without almost any thought. So far I have mastered Major scales, Minor, Pent. major and minor and the blues scale. I can also play the minor pent. in any key in every position on the fretboard. My question is, what should I know begin to focus on with my scale practice?
From what I've been able to gather, if you have gotten comfortable and proficient with the scales, you should start focusing on the modes. I'm still really new to all this and I'm sure someone will be along to elaborate this for you. Hope it helps a little.
I say apply the scales. Learn what to put the scales on top of, don't be content with playing them fast and without thought, be content with actually putting this knowledge to good use . After you've exhausted your ideas and fun with these scales, then you should start exploring the wide world of modes (Harmonic/melodic minors are much easier than modes, I think).

Another fun thing to do with those scales would be see how they work with different styles of music, so you can see just how many moods you can get out of a single scale .

Best of luck to ya!
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i say modes. and then actually apply them. that is the part that i struggle. how to use the modes.