hey guys my band is having their first practice tomorrow and i'm just not really sure what to do.

i know that we should probably just jam but i'm not really sure how to. i'm still a beginner to intermediate guitarist in terms of ability but i can play some tight solos.

can anyone give me any advice on what to do?

Don't play when people are talking. Try to stay on time with everyone. Play the song, don't start randomly shredding during a song because your bored.
You'll get the hang of it, just takes a few practices.

Edit- +1 to the playing a cover.
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well...it depends....what my band usually does is like....decide if we want to jam about 3 to 4 difficult songs ( like master of puppets and things and our difficult originals ) or...about 6 - 7 fairly easy songs like welcome to the jungle or paradise city kind of difficulty....

also..you might want to you know...give them an idea on what you might play....come prepared though.... and do like a blues jam where everyone can just trade solos and jam in

ohh...btw..dont forget the whisky
Write songs if its a practice.

At my bands practices it generally goes like this.

1 PM, bassist and guitarist arrive. We run through old stuff, spend an hour on new stuff.

2 PM, Drummer arrives, we run through our older stuff, finish atleast one new song.

2:30 PM Singer arrives, we practice till five.

5 PM Dinner and relax.

6:30 PM, re run throughs, discuss any buisness, then we just jam or chill till everyone heads out.
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bring a few riffs you want to try to make something out of to practice play them for everyone and ask what they think if theyre vibin em all or just a few continue to work on them by having everyone puttin in some input

thats how my band and i practice

and getting a bit sauced up is always fun