Posted in the wrong forum earlier by mistake. Im probably going to purchase an LTD H500 with a 81/85 combo, or a mh1000 with a jb/59 combo. Will be for mainly high gain detuned metal (B F# B E G# C#), and down the road maybe some blues as well. What do you guys think would be the best option and why? Thanks. DB
if youre going to do metal, EMG's are always your best option.


you have a blues junior. so i would seriously, seriously, seriously reconsider a guitar purchase and get a more metal-oriented amp first.
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Ya the emgs would be best, but like the guy above said, new amp would sound better than any pickup replacement
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sorry you guys mustve not read my other thread, gain wont be a problem, the guitarist im covering for has a deizel einstein, Ill be going through that, thats my blues rig listed below..sorry forgot to re-mention
Gotcha. Well, since you're using a high gain amp, one might argue that you don't need high gain pickups. Lamb of God uses Seymour Duncan SH-1 '59's, but get their gain from their Mesa Mark IV's. Gets pretty br00tal.

So you can grab a set of SH-1's, and that'll cover your metal and blues...

Of course, you can also get a beefy PAF tone...with something like a pair of Dimarzio Breeds. Still can do blues, too. Just roll down the volume knob a tad. Or put it in parallel.
has to be between the two sets i mentioned, can the jb do detuned metal well?
To be honest the JB is just plain wrong, doesn't really fit for any of the things you want to do, so EMG by default.

Both pretty crap for blues.
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Itd only be a last case scenario for blues, my strat is loaded with lindy fralin vintage hots which are perfect for my blues tastes. Thanks for the advice