I did a search, and couldn't anything.

I recently purchased a beautiful Michael Kelly Deuce Pheonix (check profile for pics) and like 99% of guitars purchased from stores, the strings are merely place holders. So now I'm looking for a good set of strings that'll suit my guitar. btw I like to play a lot of blues so please take that into consideration.
Try Thomastik Infeld Jazz Bebops. They are round wound and come with a plain 3rd, even in the 12-50 set. They also come in 13-53 and 14-55, but both those sets have wound 3rds. The Jazz Swings are flat wound but aren't as bright as the Bebops and have a wound 3rd. They also make the blues Sliders, which have a silk inlay in the wound strings, but the heaviest set of those is 10-48. They do sound very nice.
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