I'm looking for an acoustic-electric with a few traits:

1. A really big, full unplugged sound

2. A bright, well balanced, moderately full plugged in sound

I'm not looking to spend anything more than $500...$500 being the ABSOLUTE MAX.
Seagull S6.

I don't know if that fits exactly to your sound specifications but it's the best guitar you're gonna find at that price range in my opinion. Bright and full are also somewhat conflicting terms depending on what you mean.
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Well...what I mean by bright is that it doesn't lose it's treble and prescense like the closed top acoustics with the oddly placed holes toward the top of the body.
Alot of Ovations have that but they all sound bright. Anyway, I'd try and find an S6 and give it a whirl. Seagull makes great guitars for great prices.
big? full? those are description words for a jumbo guitar!


the guitar is around $500. i think maybe $520ish. yes, it's pushing the limit of your budget, but there is no compromise for what you want in an instrument, even if it means paying a bit more.

If you REALLY cant afford it, there's a cheaper model.

as for having a bright, balanced and full tone while plugged in... that's really the job of the electronics. the Q1 and Q2 systems can deliver pretty much everything you need. they're very simple, but also very effective.
^-- that's just a terrible, terrible recommendation.

the seagull guitars people have recommended are great suggestions. i would also take a look at some takamine models in your price range as well as some alvarez.
I'm not really that experienced but I just got an Alvarez RD 20 solid spruce top today for 325.00 and I'm on cloud 9...But that was an upgrade from an Oscar Shmidt so of course I've got something to be excited about. The fret board is so easy to handle on this Alvarez model...Check one out.
i wouldnt recommend a squire electric guitar, let alone a squier acoustic.

anyway, alvarez should be a pretty good choice as well. i've never heard anything but good things about alvarez.
I have an Alvarez AD90SCK and I love it. It's $500 for a new one. Or try the Alvarez AD60SC, my youth minister has one and it was only like $400.
my recomendation would be Tanglewood Sundance Semi Acoustic... they cost about £400 at the absolute most... they produce the best sound i have heard on an acoustic...
Musiciansfriend has the alvarez FD60 on sale for 349$...normally around 700. It is pretty similar to the RD20. I just bought mine as my first acoustic and it seems nice although I'm having a bit of trouble getting used to playing acoutic as opposed to electric.