Here's an untitled metal song I just finished writing, I would really like to now what you think of it. It's kinda hard to be critical once you've been working on the same song for a couple of hours. Anything that could be of help please just throw it at me.


Oh, and C4C of course !
[GP5, GP4, MIDI] Untitled Metal Song.zip
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Pretty heavy and dark sounding song.
I liked the intro and the verse and the chorus was ok too.
The solo had too much fast picking.
Bridges were nice too except the last long one I didn't like. It was bit of boring.
The last chorus was good where the lead guitar plays that three-note thing.
Ending was good too and there that bridge chord thingy work well.

Overall 7.5/10
love the keyboard and the synth. o waw thats a beautiful jazz guitar strumming. the cymbals are great. good drums nice lead guitar. synth is still good great riffs. but the synth dropped out when some of the guitar comes in. you should keep the synth running. ok the chorus is wonderful and bright. that solo with the sliding and rrrrrmmmm stuff is just amazing. thats what i like to do with my stuff. keyboard is still great along with the drums. great song but my problem is that the synth isnt going on constantly it should be lol. bass is the best, i like how u switch from instruments and they do the same riff at different times. very dark and great 10/10 make the synth last through out the song. please crit me back thnx My Dark Song. Songs called the Darkness actually

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imposiitin: Thanks for your comments Me and my band will polish the song once we get to actually playing it.

Jonathan Trejo
: Thank you for your kind words! I will try to keep the synth running through the whole song. I'm kinda new to the synth world
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not bad. the intro is a little too busy for my taste and the solo could've had a little more pizazz.. way better then anything i could do man :lol: