Hi, I am having trouble popping with my pinky.

I dont know if I am doing it wrong, but its starting to bother me. Is there any technique that I can practice to help it gain strength?
I use index and thumb. i only use my middle finger if I want to pop faster.

EDIT: Like Anarkee said I used my middle with my index to go faster. Not just the middle.
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I use my index--I just tried it with the pinky and it is quite awkward (and frankly, hurts like hell). Sometimes I'll alternate with the middle and index for a double pop.
I alternate index and middle, when my index starts to hurt a bit (my regular finger plucking calluses aren't low enough to stop the popping from hurting, i'll develop them low enough eventually though)

i don't really see the need to pop with your pinky though, as many people have said.