It started out like a cold, but it escalated into a horrible flu. It got to the point where I had to go to the hospital because I coughed up some blood and my temp was at 105. I can't talk because my throat is messed up.

Anyone have any similar experiences?
A couple years ago I was sick for about a week and a half. It was horrible
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i think i may have developed IBS, which is irritable bowel syndrome. it ****ing sucks i cant eat half the foods i like anymore because i think dairy sets it off. i have to see a doc about it tho.
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I get night terrors when I have a high fever. Some crazy **** goes on.

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I went to Peru a couple years back and got sick for nearly 2 weeks. I had to stay in bed and had a needle going in my arm to put in some clean water or something like that. I threw up almost 20 times and also got a shot on my right butt cheek. The worst thing that happened during that time was that I missed the final game of the Copa America.

EDIT: I just remembered that it was the left butt cheek.
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I have this recurring stomach condition which make me sick sometimes and has made me throw up.

Hope you get better. That sounds nasty.
It's gonna be a blue day
I've had bronchitis, it's not fun not breathing.
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The reason your coughin up blood is because you are taking tylenol or ibuprofen and your not eating any food.

If you do take some pain killer without food, it ****s up your stomach, and makes it bleed, and that is where the blood comes from.
My friend just got over a flu that sounds not unlike the TS's, expect my friends wasn't quite as bad. At its worst, his fever was 104.8, and he was told to go the hospital if it hit 105. And he wasn't coughing up blood either. But he missed three days of class, which included an exam and a paper due.