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Seymour Duncan Stack for Tele
5 71%
Dimarzio Area T
2 29%
Voters: 7.
Hello Everyone,

I've started collecting the parts for my Custom Telecaster Project. Now I've come to the dreaded pickup selection. First of all i'm going to use a 4-way switch and a push-pull pot to get out-of-phase and series parallel combinations. So, i'll need 4 conductor pickups.
I think I've narrowed it down to the Seymour Duncan Stack for Tele set and the Dimarzio Area T set. Anyone have any experience with either of these? I'm leaning more towards the Dimarzio set because they don't have any writing on them, and the guitar i'm making is mimicking a late 50s-early 60s tele.
I've listened to the clips of each but since they're not playing through the same amps its difficult to tell. Also, i want the sound to be quite close to single-coil sound, and i'm afraid these won't sound that close. Anyway, HELP
Probably a bad idea to put a poll in this thread b/c people just end up voting but not giving me a reason why? Please discuss the benefits of each. I forgot to mention i'm going for late 60s rock tele sounds.
Why not go for late 60s style pickups, use the 4-way to get the in series option, a push/pull for out of phase?
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