Hey, I'm looking for a new amp. I'm in a band and we play like punk/hard rock, but we go softer to, so I need it to have good cleans and distortion. I usually play a Gibby LP Studio from the 90's but also have a Fender MIM Tele and a Fender MIM Strat. I play both lead and rhythm in the band, the other guitarist and I trade off. I need it to be loud enough for like small - medium gigs. I was looking at maybe this Traynor .
I have a budget of about up to 1000 US dollars, but maybe a little more. Thanks in advance for any help.

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You wouldn't necessarily need anything with that much power. Maybe try one of there small ones and save some bucks. I do heard good things about those though. Maybe try some mesa combos as I think those are in your price range and are pretty much good for anything.
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