hey guys got a quick one here,

k theres this song it's got these kinda weird instruments in it but sounds pretty classic rock, idk it gets me thinking that its got like an african kind of mood. they say ''all alone with you'' or ''all along with you'' or something like that, im pretty sure its got some flute in it, which led me to question that maybe it was from jethro tull but ive briefly looked and couldnt find much.

and theres this other song its got this crazy ass guitar solo but again it sounds really african or outlandish, like really its got bongos, flute and all that while still being all classic rock and really musically articulate and its ****ing kick ass!, i think the singer is the same as the one from genesis, but i might be just randomly thinking that for no reason. anyways so idk if these two song are from the same artists, but i have no clue who does them let alone the names of the song.

any clues to who does these (if theyre from the same person) and what the song names are, seriously anything that comes to mind would help.

thanks much guys.
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just listen to it and type the lyrics into google, dont have to be all of the lyrics, as long as you get the major words it should find it for ya.
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no i checked out outfield and its not them, **** dudes i wish i could be of more help, i just really dont know how to describe those songs.
no im sorry yes the answer is that link i gave you cuz that song fricking owns the 80s