Poll: How you play your powerchords.
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Pointer + Ring + Pinky
134 70%
Pointer + Ring barring 2 strings
43 23%
Pointer + Ring, because I never add the octave.
14 7%
Voters: 191.
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aye, the most overused thing in guitar now has a poll!

I was wondering how most people play the powerchords with the octave added on.

I used to use my pointer, ring, and pinky to play em, but then I started just kinda barring the 5th and octave with my ring finger and find it much easier.

so how do you do it? pointer, ring, pinky or pointer, ring.

or are you just lazy and only play straight up 1, 5 with no octave?
Depends...some switches are easier just to bar. I bar when I play master of puppets
not playing the octave is not just about laziness. I sometimes dont use the octave cause it ruins the oomph of the chord. I dont really like powerchords however.
pointer and ring barr

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

I usually use all three fingers but sometimes I'll slide into them and barre with my pinky.
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I think u need to add pointer+middle finger barr....
thats wut i do
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Quote by Artemis Entreri
Pointer and pinkey. Iommi ftw

and kirk hammet i believe

i do pointer and pinky too.. i just cant do power chords in any other way properly.
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Quote by Ultimate_Gio92
and kirk hammet i believe

i do pointer and pinky too.. i just cant do power chords in any other way properly.

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i second nyandres. i dont always play the 5th but i play it with my pinky
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Depends. Sometimes I just bar them, other times I use my index, ring and pinky.
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Quote by Malarkatron
Depends. Sometimes I just bar them, other times I use my index, ring and pinky.

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im weird when it comes to this. ill play only the pointer n lpinky for fast licks but if i want reall badass ommph i play the powerchords with as much emphasis as possible by adding in other variations of chords (to make it sound better - not just blindly and tastelessly adding notes) it really depends on the song and the particular feeling the song is meant to have.

eg. creeping death section after the solo (DIE! DIE DIE!)

i dont play powerchords there, i keep the root note and play the same fret directly below on the low E string...sometimes ill even add in a whole bar chord for a differnt touch. I do this a lot when i feel like the chord could sound a little beefier/ could use a subtle touch.
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Quote by Artemis Entreri
Pointer and pinkey. Iommi ftw


My playing is actually extremely similar to Iommi, except that I'm right handed and I haven't injured my fingertips. I also need money for a Gibson SG.
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Pointer + ring + pinky for happy powerchords and Pointer + pinky without the octave for most metal.
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Pointer, ring, pinky
I fret them like that because I have more control over other strings that I'm muting and I usually just fret the entire major barre shape anyway.
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I use pointer+ring+pink when I'm adding the octave. Otherwise, I use pointer+pinky, I mute all the strings with the rest of my hand easier and really slam the **** out of the chord and get a heavier sound.
Pointer and ring, sometimes dropping the octave. Or I'll drop the the root and play them one fingered/inverted.
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Depends on the sound I'm going for. I usually either play the full bar chord, or I play just the fifth with no octave.
I use just the pointer and the ring. While it looks cooler, doing it with the pointer and pinky is just uncomfortable to me.
Pointer, ring and pinky for most things. Point and ring bar for most slides.

Take Master of Puppets, for example. I three finger the intro riff, but then once it does the open low E and then sliding around, I use two fingers.
one i saw a guy play power choerds with the pointer and the middle finger, i was like...woh...
i use my pointer finger
and my pinky
that ruelz
All three for me! Might as well do them so if I need that octave, I can do it without struggling or anything.
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If I have some time to adjust before the next one, I do index/ring/pinky. If I have to do some fast chord shapes, I bar with the pinky. But I just play root/fifth 99% of the time, I don't care for the sound of root/fifth/root.
sometimes pointer ring pinky, somestimes pointer pinky, sometimes something else, it all depends on the chord progression and where you r on the neck, at least for me
For nearly 7 years I followed the Hammett method of pointer and pinky with no octave.

As of late though I'm beginning to integrate pointer/ring/pinky, though I'd say 60% of the time its pointer and pinky.
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