Story time. Our (my family) old TV went out. We got it like 4 years ago and it was a rear-projection type. 3 tubes projected the color or something like that.

Anyway one of the tubes went out, so the whole screen turned yellow. It would cost about $600 (or so the repair man says) to replace a tube and since the new tube would be fresh, the image color would still be messed up.

So we decided to get a whole new TV. 46inch Sony Bravia 1080p. We did alot of research before commiting on a tv and this one is supposed to be pretty top of the line.

We have HD cable and we set the tv all up, but the picture is still sometimes pixelated like real bad dithering (if anyone understands that) and the colors cant seem to be good for every program.

So my question UG, you know the demos the stores have that hey show on their tv's like about color comparison and what not. Are they any of those demos out on the internet? Or anything similar?

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance.
yeah most channels don't broadcast in high def yet...but within the next year or so all networks are goin' high def so that should fix that problem right up
yea I can't wait until the end of 2009 when they start the whole "All HDTV" broadcast...

Some channels look better than others.
if you are seeing the show in true wide screen format, it means you are watching it in HD format.