Hey i live in Massachusetts and i have a 2001 kawasaki ninja 250 with a seized engine. anyone know how much i would be looking to pay if i got a new engine plus install?
watta bout top end rebuild, just rebuild the whole engine, and clean it?
You probably just need a new block, rings and piston/s (for starters MAYBE). Plus the engine is easy to work on cause its a bike. Get your hands dirty and dont be such a girl. (sorry for laying it on hard) But i think that if its your toy, you should learn how to fix it. It will save you time if/when you break something else. I fix everything i own, give it a whirl, cant hurt to try now that its shot anyway.

But if all else fails, you are probably looking at roughly $1500-$2000 for the new engine and it to be installed.
or you could just sell the piece of ****
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move up to a 600 girl... haha jk if you want buy a wrecked one that still runs and just swap the motor over. get on a kawi forum and find out what years used the same frame/motor mounting locations. or pull the motor out which really ins't so hard, and pull the head off (can be trickier, to see whats wrong.

really though could be time to move up to a 600. I have a 600RR as my first street bike (after years of motocross) and i feel very comfortable and safe on it sure you would too.
its my first bike so im gonna try with a 250. I tried riding a 600 last spring didnt work out to well! hahaa but eventually i will move up to 600cc