I haven't been hearing anything on Taylor's electric guitars such as the solid body's or the T5's. Does anyone know anyhting about the Solid Body line or own one personally? I was curious as to how they compare to the LPs and Strats coming off of the racks.
My GC says they won't stock them until the summer. Pretty sad.
Just picked up a Taylor Standard solidbody at my local Guitar Center's Memorial Day sale. I really wanted an edgeburst finish, but they had a regular sunburst on sale for $1350 - compared to the going price of $1799. So it came home with me.

I really love the neck and feel of it. Lighter and thinner body than a LP, and better upper fret access. Body contours also make it comfortable. Fretboard is Ebony - which is really nice. It has only one volume and tone put, but they do more to change the sound than any 2 controls I've heard on any guitar. PUPs are tapped - the 5-way selector gives a great range of tones. The Standard has the full-size humbuckers, which have a little more top-end zing than the other two models, with use 3/4 size buckers.

I already have a Strat, so something different was needed. It was down to the Taylor or a Fender '59 thin skin nitro reissue. I'm not a raging traditionalist, so not tied to a specific brand. PRS are very nice, too - but at the $1500 price point I like Taylors a lot better than the Mira.

I would definitely buy another Taylor electric. Hardware is A+ and the fit and finish are in the custom shop ballpark.

Yea, Im getting a standard as well, hopefully in the tobacco burst after summer. I just love the neck. I am extremely picky about necks and I really like this one. Its like a strat on the headstock end then tapers a little to the body. It gets to be almost like an ibanez wizard. I liked the pickups alot but when I get it im going to stephen design's. Everything felt really nice cept the knobs (felt kinda cheap) but thats nothing 10$ wont fix. Another thing I really liked was the T Bolt on. I thought it felt really nice when playing on the 15-22 frets. Al ot nicer than the strat I played, and also my sg (not my carvin tho, with the neck thro). Anyways I already wrote a wall of text so...

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