A song i wrote... goes with acoustic guitar i think its pretty good...
You cant say that you need me
You cant say that i want you there
You cant say that i make you happy
You cant say that you care

I will tell you that i need you
i will show that i care
i will try to make you happy
but if your not there

Theres been alot where ive been and where im going im scared
i have fun and i stay happy
but i have to ask where
where did a part of me run off
why did she go so fast
as im sitting here waiting
dreaming of the past


Lately ive been moving forward and im almost there
kinda know where im going
but i don't really care
missing you is a part of me
apart ill always be aware
you can see that im here
but if your not there

Life is short but things go slowly
a change in pace is rare
where im going im excited
so if your not there


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