This is a song I wrote for fun for one of my buddies cause he loves this kind of music. There's no repeats and i don't think it ever does the same riff twice, haha. and it's 9:47 long. So if you have the time to sit through it all, tell me what you think.
Dead By Dawn.zip
Listen, take this away from the joke spectrum. 80% of this song is absolutely brilliant death metal/deathcore. If you shorten it or make 3/4 songs out of it, it or they will be some of the best songs I'll have heard in a while. Not on UG, professionally.

It can get a bit silly at times, however. Bar 159 springs to mind; some of the technical stuff is just a little unneccessary too. There's also far too much bottom string chugging going on. The drum solo is plain silly too.

This is usually when I give the big spiel about the song lacking coherence, but I can see that was somewhat intended.

9.5/10 for sheer riffery and mastery of groove.

Now, considering I just listened to 9 minutes of that, can I convince you about the value of C4C
Too much low string chug? thats what makes this song mean, its one massive groovy breakdown. dude can u send this song to me, i cant save it for some reason. BKGMorley@hotmail.com