Poll: which amp is better for my case?
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Peavey 5150 off ebay (about 700 bucks)
3 75%
engl ritchie blackmore sig (1600)
0 0%
engl powerball (1900)
1 25%
Voters: 4.
man i must be annoying

but i am a very indecisive person and need multiple second opinions and hours of testing to be sure which equipment i want.

anyways between the 3, which is more worth it. as most of you may know, i play metal, metalcore, death, thrash, teh br00talz w/e.

engl powerball
engl ritchie blackmore sig
peavey 5150

i can test all of these. i have played the 5150 and powerball. both own. powerball is a bit tighter and has great cleans in comparison to the 5150 (altho, i have gotten some decent cleans out of it). i can test the blackmore at the same place i tested the powerball. i will get around to that sometime next weekend.

now i dont NEED the cleans or the second EQ, but its definitely a plus and may prove useful in the long run.

any other amp suggestions are welcome. budget is under 2 grand. if i can get it used great. id rather spend around 1000 bucks but i can go up higher if the amp is good enough.
Schecter C-1 classic
Takamine GS330S
Roland microcube FTW!
i figured -_-. what about a randall MTS. i havent tried one and dont know where to try one but it seems promising. anyone have experience with them?

also on that, usually higher wattages do better at metal, could the 50 watt version do well b/c the tone is from the preamp?
Schecter C-1 classic
Takamine GS330S
Roland microcube FTW!
check out the VHT delevarance if you dont need second channel
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Peavey 6505 combo
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Boss Ns-2
Dod 250 Overdrive
i really dont like those amps. so weak to me. i must be EQing them wrong b/c they get some high recommendations but i just dont get the tone i want out of it.
Schecter C-1 classic
Takamine GS330S
Roland microcube FTW!