Right now my current rig consists of my Ibanez Sr490 and a Nemesis 2x12 combo. Although I am happy with my current tone I know it could be better just not with my gear right now. So my question is would the Boss GEB-7 EQ pedal be of any great assistance to helping make my tone better?

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I assume your Nemesis is a combo amp? Otherwise, the fact that you're missing a head might be the reason your tone is off

But yeah, an EQ pedal always helps to dial in a specific tone, with its graphic EQ and all.
+1 It can really help your tone if you do it right. Go read Fitz's blog on EQing, that'll help you immensely with getting a good tone.
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Amen, thanks alot guys. I just have to wait till I have the money now, then I will head down the street to The Guitar Shop.