Well, I've been playing one of these Peavey 5150 combos for quite some time, and I've finally come to the realization that it is really more than I need. I'm not currently playing at anything more than bedroom level, so the power is wasted on me, and I've found that it has waaayyyy more gain than I ever use. One of my biggest gripes about this thing is that it is ungodly heavy (I knew it was heavy before I bought it, but I guess I wasn't thinkin.), and is had as hell to move (Particularly up and down stairs.). Don't get me wrong, I like the sounds the amp puts out just fine, but I think something smaller would likely fit my current needs better.

This has led me to seriously consider selling this thing and buying something more suited to my current needs. I'll pick up something bigger and better later (Probably a Mesa. I hadn't touched one until recently, but I messed around with one of those Mark IVs and I loved it. Liked it a whole lot more than the 5150, in fact, but I guess that's just natural.) if/when I need it.

I'm thinking that a Mini Colossal would better suit my needs as far as buying something new, but I figured I'd ask you guys before doing something that I could later regret (I don't have anywhere in the area I could try a Mini Colossal, so I'm gonna have to buy it off of the web, btw.).

So, you guys think that selling this thing is a good idea if I don't really need and don't intend to truly use what it has to offer (And I find it a pain in the butt to carry.)? If so, would the Mini Colossal likely be a good choice as a replacement until I upgrade to something else? Are there any other amps with a decent amount of gain that would be good for bedroom level playing?