Ok, So I recently Bought an Ibanez with a Tremolo in it.. The guy I bought it off + my guitar teacher said its ok to tune it to Drop D (Just the Top E)


Well. Anyway, The bridge sunk a bit and it buzzes when I play and also when you bend on certain parts on the neck the sound just dies..

Can I fix it in any way.. Or do I have to take it back to my store...

It would be good if I could do it myself. Cause its quite a drive back to the store...

Thanks in advance
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your bridge is out of wack, it just needs realigning, and my suggestion is to take it in if you can't do it your self because you will more than likely make it worse.
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Mm k. I thought Id have to take it in. But oh well. If its just gonna make it worse I guess that theres not much point trying.. Thanks Ill take it in this weekend..
You need to either block your tremolo so it doesn't 'sink' when you tune down. Or you can decrease the string tension, thus returning the trem to equilibrium.

The buzzing is inevitable when you tune down and have low action. You can raise the action of the top string, but because it is looser, it will always buzz a little bit (more so the harder you play).

If you don't understand what I'm saying, take it to a pro.
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