Who is this guy? I was at a buddies house, whom is a metalhead, and him and some dudes kept talking about diamondback darrell. Is he good? Where can I find some of his stuff, because I've looked on youtube and cant find anything!!!
oh my god...maybe if you tried Dimebag Darrell, his actual name, a search would elicit more results

edit: ^^****^^

didn't need to see that
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hahah wow.. dimebag darrell not bein known.. and some dude with his balls cut off... best thread ever
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here we go again.

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These spammers are really getting on my nerves. Is this one of 4chans attempts to "take over" UG? This is so fucking lame.
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He was the guitarist in pantera, which is a fairly legendary metal band, in 2004 he was shot and killed in an ohio venue while performing with his new band damageplan by a crazed fan who blamed him for panteras breakup.
dime was alegend you fuk head you dont put his name with bull**** like this crap near a legend mate what a fukkin loser you are ...............................
WTF who has not heard of dime come on thats thats just blastphomy where have you been i hope under a rock cause thats the only place i can think you've been for not hearing about a guitar god. hey if you need to know more read the new guitar world its realy awsome and its mainly about Dime