I"m not really a song writer but I do like poetry.. well I'm not good at that either still I would appreciate if someone would read over the song/poet I wrote today and tell me what they think.

Lost and confused... I still think of You
As you Return to the land of Nebraska.

Mentally Bruised.. and Emotionally Used
I search for a home with no address.

I lie in the snow.. sliding out of the flow
Wishing to freeze my youth.

Lost and Confused.. I write silly songs
In a room with four walls and barred windows.

With night comes more pressure.. and tomorrows no better
I resign to the to the other side of the moon.
When the sun falls the moon rises...

My attempt at art lasted for an instant and then faded like a candle without oil...

When i get around to making more candles hopefully my art will return in a perfect form that all can appreciate.
coolio i liked the second stanza
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