Budget: $500
Genres: Metal for the most part, with sporadic classic rock.
Guitar: Jackson KV2
Will I buy used? No
Tube: Yes.
Quality over OUTPUT please.

bounce some ideas off of me please
Jackson KV2 USA Snow White/Black Bevels
no advice? comon. 30 views and not a single one of you can at least throw something out there.

I plan on going and trying a bunch of amps out..I just wanted to have a couple in mind before I went is all.
Jackson KV2 USA Snow White/Black Bevels
--^ Heard the Valvekings aren't the best for metal. Try an Engl Screamer combo, a bit past your budget, but you could save! Great high-gain and also really versatile. Or maybe a Marshall DSL and boost it with an OD pedal?

Cool guitar btw, snap!
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You want new and your price is $500. The only valve amp option you really have is the peavey valveking.

If you want to go solid state / digital, go with the Line 6 Flextone.
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