I think I have a 1979 Ibanez Artist AR100. I figured the year based on the serial #: H796344

In all my searching I can't find any reference to a '79 AR100. My camera is on the blink but I found an image that looks exactly like mine:

//www.geocities.com/woodymiller@sbcglobal.net/myibanez.jpg" alt="">

Am I even close on the model? If so, anybody have a ballpark on value?

That is an AR100 on the picture. I'd value it in the order of $700-800 if it's fresh and clean, less with use marks, much less with serious battle wear.

They're really great guitars, but in an entirely different category of "vintage" than vintage Fenders or Gibsons. One of those won't exactly fetch you a cost of a house downpayment.
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Quote by jimzer
i imagine itd get u 1-2k on ebay maybe check it out urself

wont get that much, come on.
more like

at most.
Wow, quick response!

I think it would fall into the fair to good category. I've had it for about 21 years..about time I found out what I have

hmm my bad haha saw something similar on ebay for 1.35 so i was like okay 1-2k
My guitar teacher has one, and I'd pay about $800 AUD for one (work that out for yourself). Anyone who's played one would know how nice they feel, and would probably go moderately high (below 1 grand).
It was one of the only Ibanez's I've ever played and liked. I know that doesn't sound to great, but I don't really like a lot of what they pump out these days.
$500 on average is what they go for on ebay as of late, which is alot of guitar for the money.