I have no idea if this belongs here but oh well. I cant find a drummer anywhere and I am anxious to get a song I am composing complete but I need drums! I have been getting inspired by bands that have used realistic sounding drum programs (namely the Dumkit From Hell program) and now I REALLY want a good drum track software. Is there any that are good for fast metal drums that sound even slightly realistic and are hopefully free? I have tried Fruity Loops but it always turns out sounding fake and completely ****ty. If anybody can help me I would really appreciate it.
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The Guitar Pro one is pretty good if you're playing to the RSE.
If you try to export it as a midi, you may as well get Corpsegrinder to beatbox for you.
It'd sound better.
You can get a free demo of BFD (competitor to Drums from Hell) if you register at fxpansion.com. The demo comes with 2 kits which could probably be used for metal drumming. You'll need a decent audio set-up for it though to avoid latency and a sequencer (fruity loops will work) if you want to be making your own loops.
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this really belongs in riffs and recording but what everyone suggested is good. i recommend drumkit from hell (listen to the day god was born under my profile to hear it in action) but its expensive and torrenting stuff like that is bad mm kay, torrenting is the devils work.