So im trying to figure out what guitar to buy for what sound and feel I like,

Im currently settled on the Fender 62' reissue tele. Now im a big Led Zeppelin fan and I love the late Zeppelin sound that comes from the les paul, but les pauls are simply out of my price range and I like the look of the tele better (not counting headstock) and its all over early zeppelin albums

So my questions are

1. could I put something like THIS PICKUP into the tele at the bridge position

2. would i get a vintage les paul tone out of it?, like I know it wont be perfect but its a Ceramic pickup like page's les paul so is it worth the trouble to get that much closer to the tone

3. I heard its possible with these DiMarzio pickups to have them installed and wired so that a toggle switch can control if they act as a single coil or humbucker, is this true?

any help would be greatly appreciated
Strat pickups are different to tele pickups. You couldn't attach it to the bridge. Maybe something like a seymour duncan little '59 or maybe an Air Norton T? I looked at the website you posted and what they claim to be a dimarzio tele bridge pickup ( judging by the picture) wouldn't fit.