im looking to buy a guitar that i want to keep in drop c tuning for playing metal.
any advice on good guitars in that price range.
Check out some PRS's or you may like the Mick Thomas Sig. Ibanez (the cheep black version) which is £299.00 pounds.
if you want a floyd rose i would recommend this . jacksons are good for de-tuning


This dean is a bit over budget but from experience it sounds amazing and feels great

Epihione's can usually handle low tunings suprisingly well. My explorers fine in drop C. Could try a jackson or ESP, but i dont like the bridges personaly
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There's nothing worth buying with a Floyd at £300, and they're not ideal for such a low tuning anyway.
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Ibanez RG321 or RG1570

I second the 321. Especially with a pup swap later.
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thanks guys, its been a great help.
i will have a look around at some of these