i cant tab music worth ****.....i dont get it, an im sure i wont get it for a long ass time.......but i hafta ask if someone can help me with a song to tab it on guitar pro the same as it sounds in the song.....solo/piano ect. its from Black Label Society the song is Just Killing Time....plz someone helpppp
you need to know how to read and write sheet music. no way around it.

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you need to know how to read and write sheet music. no way around it.

You can easily transcribe songs to tab without knowing how to read and write sheet music. Easily.

You just have to have a good ear and be able to think where logically the next note is.
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I agree with duncang. It's just common sense and experimentation that you need with less technical songs. Assuming you know at least a bit of theory (like scales).

Go here if you don't, and ask them to tab it for you:
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