Yeah, I did this for a project in 06.

I had to run the vocals through a crap mixer into the lame laptop input because I had to take the MBox back to uni, so there's a crappy hiss throughout. Also, the bridge vocals are pretty crap. I had a cold. I want to do the whole lot again and do those lines an octave up.

Otherwise, I programmed the drums in Logic and there's about about 3 or so stereo bass overdubs at various points, but at least 2, and there's around 15 stereo guitar tracks, which forced me to do a couple of rough mixdowns because Pro Tools LE couldn't handle the amount of tracks.

I'll give points to those who can guess what I did in the weird solo bit.

EDIT: Oh, sorry. The song's on my profile.

EDIT 2: Also, I know the damn thing's too long. I realized after I did the final version that it didn't need a double chorus before the solo and a heap more afterwards, also the fade is dodgy.
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