for some reason over the past few months, i havent been parcticing as much as i used to. i used to practice about 1 hour-1 and half hours a day but now im only doing about half an hour.

i dont really feel that i want to go and play anymore it almost feels like a chore now i want to get back into the routine i had before. ive tried learning new songs but that doesnt help. i think it might have something to do with my guitar teacher because al he does is teach me how to play the songs i want properly and i dont feel im improving either....

help please!
If you don't feel like playing then don't.

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Same here , i used to practice at least 4 hr a day but now im lucky to do 3 dunno why bu i just aint as motivated any more . if anyone has any ways to help me get motivated PLEEEAAASE share!!!
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The best way to be motivated is if you take a month of not playing guitar. If you miss it then go back it, if you still don't miss it then take longer until you have the desire.
It Works
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Thats a good one. Just let go completley for at least a day or two. Maybe a week.

Otherwise have a go at a totally different style to the one(s) you usually play.
^I completely agree, this works and has re-motivated me. Put away your guitar, don't look at it, also don't listen to any of your favorite music for a week. I did this because I was on holiday and when I got back from holiday I didn't put my guitar down for 3 days solid, then started practiceing more often.
i tryed a different tuing (open c) and, it was so damn fun. not that i had trouble being motivated b4, but this sparked my interest. also, learning a song you listen to alot, or a riff that sounds fun.
yep ive tried getting away from my guitar and not playing it for a week but when i went back to it i still practiced for half an hour before getting bored