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I have this new Zoom G2, and i have stored some patches etc. However. Everytime I turn the dam machine its volume is on 80 ie. ( When set on CONTROL and useing the third dial 3 LEVEL, to adjust the volume ). Like I say it stays on 80. How can i set it to come on at say 8, without me doing it manually everytime.

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Select the patch using the two stompbuttons, but don't turn the button to 'control'. Keep it turned all the way to the left and use the most right dial to change the volume from 80 to another value. After that press the store button to save it.

The level that is adjusted under 'control' is something different than the main volume of the patch!
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The main volume of the whole pedal is indeed set under "Control", but for some reason it always resets to 80 when you restart the pedal. Nothing you can do about that. Do what Dardarian says and use the patch volume setting instead.
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