Because we haven't seen enough of these recently....

No seriously, been working on this for a few months on and off now and I finally think it's ready to show you lot and get feedback. There are two versions (one with an extra solo - which, although I love the solo, I'm not at all convinced it fits; for you to judge)

Anyway, see what you think! C4C as always

Epic Metal.zip
Epic Metal (with solo 2).zip
simply amazing =]

the solo is great, it fits nicely

keep them coming =D

edit - i lol'd at the bass fills like in the 2nd last bar =p
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That was very powerful and moving. The first solo was spectcular... one of the best solos I've ever heard on here. My only complaint was that some of the melodies seemed thrown together, and they just didn't mesh sometimes. But other than that, very good. 9.5/10

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I agree with pinkiscool.

overall, great piece, but the melodies need a little bit of work.
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As a whole, this song is exactly what it is: epic and melodic. The intro was incredibly calming; it felt almost dreamlike. This "wall of sound" effect continues throughout the song, and I must say that not only does it invoke many different landscapes and imaginings, but it is also somewhat peaceful as well. The transitions are flawless, the whole song melds together perfectly, no jarring interuptions, unnecessary interludes, etc.

However, there was never any truly "outstanding" moment within the song. But is that a bad thing? Not exactly, as the whole song itself makes up for any other shortcomings. This is a song that requires to be listened to in it's full state. But a song, no matter how wholesome, can always use that "one" riff that can make a great song (such as this) into something purely orgasmic.

All said and done, this is an outstanding piece. My rate: a very solid 9/10.

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going as i listen

the intro solo is amazing, very petrucci clean esque

pre-verse chord progression sounds great

the little lead in verse 1 is a nice surprise, didn't expect it but it starts off well

bar 136 sounds clashy to me

nothing else for me to critique really >_>

i listened to the second one and i agree that the solo sounds good but does just seem a bit more fitting without

overall, i can't say anything negative about a well constructed song with unpredictable and tasteful lead lines. gives me something to strive for with my amateur writing

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Thanks for the review.

I've never really listened to epic metal, but as it sounds, the tune in general works really well. I was a little concerned though by the drum patterns which never seemed to change, where it was always the snare drum acting as the root beat. I think you could vary the drumming at times in this song. Also, the intro drumming sounded weird because it felt like a load of different noises put in the wrong order.
However the solo was AMAZING. The first half just blew me away and second half worked well with the harmony. I don't know if this is traditional of epic metal, but perhaps when balancing the sound, make the guitars louder because the organs seemed to overpower them.
All the riffs were decent and just listening to it made me think how well this song would work with lyrics.

It reminded alot of "Tonight, Tonight" by Smashing Pumpkins.

But overall 8.5/10, just work on the drums and balance the intrument volumes a bit, i think.
Sorry for the lateness man haha. Now as for the song, I thought it was very well done.

Intro sounded really good with the keyboards man. I liked the melody a lot. Bass was sweet too as was then intro solo. It sounded kinda dream theater-ish, which is a good thing. Pre-verse was pretty sweet, quite epic also haha. The verse melody was nice, but I could barely hear it with everything else going on. You should kinda tone down the other instruments and just focus on the melody a little more imo. The octave part was pretty sweet too. My main gripe with the verse was basically the drums. They sounded like they were trying to be too loud and epic kinda.

The chorus was nice, but I thought it would've sounded better if you had kinda slowed it down instead of having with the fast drums and the epic strings and everything. It sounds great but it almost seemed like it was trying to be too epic lol.

The bridge was good also, but the drums sounded a little too clashy here as well. However the solo was just basically awesome. I really just loved everything about it. The little melodies, the creative licks the build-up at the end. It was just great. It kinda reminded me of the kinds of solos I write .

The rest of the song was good also, except for the last note. It ended on that Bb major chord, and it sounded really cheesy lol. Try ending it on a different note.

Overall, this was a pretty damn sweet song man. I reeeally liked how you used the major scale throughout it. My only real problem was that it sounded like you were trying a little too hard to be grand and epic in some places, and it kinda felt like the song lost some of its feeling because of that imo. Regardless, great song man, keep up the great work
ok so i stop composing music a few months ago. i just didnt want to. but after hearing that i want to start writing music again.

that was absolutley great!
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The applause in the beginning is great. The progression your using is nice. I like some of the bass because it slides lol. the piano is friggin awesome. The Lead fits very well and adds some contrast to what your doing. I like how u bend it making the pitch higher. The rhythm is awesome lol very epic indeed. I like how sometimes it builds up hehe. Very good use of timpani llol. At verse 2 the lead is awesome. love how u slide lol. Great Work! 10/10 c4c https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=823979
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Very good but Im gonna be a critic not on the song but the style. Its to happy for me haha sorry but everytime someone puts up metal i think heavier things. It was still very good and i enjoyed it. 8/10