Very reflective country-rock in the intro. I like it. I also like the way you played with the ride patterns. The harmonies sound very much like Crowded House.

Nice change to the straight beat for the chorus. Not a big fan of the piano bit, but it could be the tone (yes it is, I'd consider changing it, but that's just me). Speaking of tone, I just noticed how good the clean guitar sound in the verse is.

All up the bass is very good. Simple, melodic playing. I like the scale bit in the middle.

I'm trying to pinpoint what your voice reminds me of. Kind of like the dude from New Order.

Anyway, a very good, slightly quirky pop song, but the vocal reverb put me off a little bit. What did you use?

Anyway, I thought I'd give you the link to mine.
Thanks for the crit mate.. I'm listening to your song now.. The solo really made me happy in the beginning, you are a big fan of reverberation, aren't you ?? lol, not that this is a bad thing but I use studio monitors and it sounds a little bit off, the reverberation on the vocals shouldn't be more than 5% unless it's used for an effect..

Anyway, I'm here to crit the music and the music was very well written and the vocals also made me happy..

Good job mate.
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Very sweet overall dude. Great solo/lead in the beginning, awesome bluesy feel. I think my favorite part of teh song overall, is the simple chord progression in the verses, and when you say " I don;t want to hurt myself again" and so forth, you have an awesome mid range voice. Like great for straight up rock. I think the chorus riff needs to be cleaned up a little bit. And I was hoping you kind of sang that chorus with a bit more oomph. It could have been just the recording though.


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Originally posted by J_Dizzle
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you're right about the chorus riff it's harder for me to do chords and such with overdrive for some reason
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Nice guitar intro. Awesome lead tone - Had a real country feel to it - You should try out some bottle neck slides on this - See how it sounds.

The drums sound sweet. The vocals are really good - Your voice really suits this kind of music. Nice Clean tone.

The piano is a nice addition.

Really catchy chorus - Good melody and nice lead lick.

At 3.50 is seems to get a bit muddy - maybe alittle too much reverb - not sure.

Really enjoyed this one. Great stuff.
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sweet intro. very different from your usual stuff...but you are the musical chameleon after all. I was surprised at how well your voice works with this style. The vocals in the verses sound really really good. I love how laid back the verses are. The chorus sounds great as well. Its a bit harder to hear the vocals there but they still sound great. I especially like the lyrics in this one. Very interesting.

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Thanks for the crit.

The beginning is cool. Nice bluesy feel. Good guitar work. Good vocals/harmonies going on in the verse, kind of a chill feel. I really like the chorus. The instrumentation and melodies are awesome sounding. It's a good contrast to the verse. Ending is very fitting.

You sound like someone famous, but I can't pinpoint who. Your voice is good, you differentiate the verses and the choruses very well. Overall, cool song. Very nice job!
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really nice song i love the clean tone you have going in the verses, the bassline is good the intro had just a little more reverb than i personally like but i still think this is a cracking song. the only real problem i have with it is that i can hear the vocal tracks cut off after you finish singing a line, is it a gate you have on? or is it just cut down? in which case add a fade out after each line just to soften the edges other than that no problems at all, well written, produced and played! oops just noticed the signal noise in the background as well, clean that up and you can have a gold star for a grand song
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man your song is very well done...i love the bluesy feel to the song..the guitar work is very well done and great to listen too. you deff can play keep it up man. sorry that i cant really give you anything that i thought would sound better or add

if you have time check out my stuff and tell me what u think.
A tad too much reverb in the intro and the tone was a bit sharp. I do like your voice and you seem to hit the right pitches well. The chorus is very catchy but the bad mixing/production kinda ruins it for me. You have a lot of interesting ideas but you should concentrate more on how you present them i.e work on production, maybe consult a recording engineer or a friend. You have a lot of potential and better production would really make your songs shine! Keep it up!
Quote by chrisatgrace
what should i improve on the mix?

Listening and writing.

Ok your having some timing issues going from verse to chorus and back. The keys (piano) are good but bland. Can you try playing those same chords but single notes in between as it sits it sounds to staccato.

You have to much chorus or flange on the vocs imo. You like to vibrato your voice and that mixed with to much chorus get muddy.

Setting effects is fine detail work and your working within some small increments....basically dont just twist a knob and leave it lol. Just back it off a little and see what happens.

The "lead" guitar that comes in around the 3 minute mark shouldnt be there..interfers with your vocals plus with the increased upbeat and all the instruments coming in its just overkill. So either no vocs or no lead............IMO.

I like your voice! You have some issues here and there but its WAY better than anything I can do.

BTW the piano at the end is appropriate.

Good stuff!!!
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Agreed, some work on the mix and vocal effects could be good. It's a nice song, overall. I found it entertaining.

Was it supposed to be country?
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not really. i didn't really have anything in mind when i wrote it. it's just rock/pop
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Hey man u got a good sound going, very ambient. In terms of the song i really dont have any criticisms, just could possibly have the vocals out a little more in front. Sounds good though man, mind checking out my song here
A very good song. I feel there is nothing I can say that someone else already has. The reverb doesn't really bother me that much and I agree the vocals are a bit hard to hear at times but overall I thought it was fantastic. btw, check my profile again in an hour or so, I'm just uploading a better quality recording of Can't You See.
Hey man. I like your song; it's got a very mellow rockish/country feel. Except not too country though, hehe. But I like the slow feel to it. I'm not a huge fan of that piano; perhaps if you made it a tad quieter and brought up the guitar a bit; then it'd blend in better. But the playing was very good, and overall you had a pretty nice tone. Perhaps you like that extra reverb. I wouldn't say it's too much, but I don't think you could add any more without it being hard to hear them. I'd say it's just about the right amount. Anyway, cool song you've got there. Keep it up.
Thanks for the crit on my song.

I like this is quite an interesting song vocally. The arrangment and the musicianship is also very good .

However i think there is a tad too much reverb, especially on the lead guitar thoughout. The tone is also very sharp which could be why its difficult to hear whats going on at times.

Overall I liked this song and would give it 7/10
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