First of all, I'm sorry acoustic players. I really love and admire and acoustics, but I can't spend much more than £100 on one.

Anyhoo, does anyone have any experience with the Epi DR-100? I've played one, and quite liked it, but how is it in the long run? Worth getting or just a heap of junk good only for firewood?
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I went into the music store going to buy the Epiphone DR100, but was convinced by an experienced musician not to by it because it was not a solid-top (it's all plywood). Plywood guitars tend not to improve with time/age (they apparently get worse, give or take a new set of strings). I went in planning to spend $160 CDN and walked away spending $260 on a Yamaha FG700ms and was not disappointed. You won't regret finding the extra cash and spending it. Think of it as an investment in a guitar that gets better as it ages.
^-- good advice there... except laminate top guitars don't actually get worse over time.

anyway, check out the best guitar under $300 for some MUCH better choices. if you are dead set on spending so little though, that epiphone is probably no better or worse than any other guitar for the same price.