*Just a quick note to say there are words in this which people may find offensive but I have chosen and am using them in a non-offensive manner*

Sitting in the bunker squat,
This isn't what he thought,
Life would be,
In the army.

Three days it's been,
One person he's seen,
Silent in the dust,
His brain begins to rust.

Three square meals,
For all, but the Seals,
One if you can,
Like a rat, not a man.

The pressure is great,
In his frightened state,
One move made wrong,
They'll be mourning in song.

His targets a man,
With a wife and a van,
A daughter and son,
Wiht which he has fun.

His eye to the scope,
A clean shot he does hope,
His finger on the trigger,
To kill the one They call "******".

He appears at the door,
Son at hand, dog on floor,
The bullet is loaded and ready ,
He waits, his finger steady.

One look, two more,
He's still at the door,
He's alone this time,
He wonders what's his crime.

He steadies his nerve and takes a breath,
And prepares for the death,
He pulls the trigger,
BANG, down goes "******".

The echos ring out,
As his wife starts to shout,
The village turns to look,
By the vision they are shook.

Their leader in the clay,
His wife crying in the doorway,
They stand in reflection,
Because they've lost their protection.

The sniper lies without sound,
As the village looks around,
But as they feel defeat,
He packs up for retreat.

Before he reports by phone,
He makes a crosses of stone,
Beside each one he prays,
For the men that he slays.