Hello chums, I'm new here and I have just finished (as of 4am!) a new track, titled 'Remembrance', that I've been composing in GuitarPro, and would like to give you a listen.

It's hard to define what style it is, I'm hoping you could help - but please listen all the way through as it is progressive.

Ah. So glad the bulk of it is done... all I need now is a band.. hah


First of all, it will sound electronic, because it's all programmed in midi (mainly for compositional purposes), and the mix isn't quite right either .. but i'm not too bothered as this is a go-between for recording with real instruments.. after some work.

In terms of style, erm, I've tried to be original and it's come out as a weird metal-esq style with indie elements. There's a bit of shreddery just after the middle.

It's progressive, so please listen to all of it.. I guess i'm just interested to what people think of it as i've been locked in the attic for 3 nights going to bed at 4am...

Oh, it's full of stupid clicks and hisses because my motherboard has a weird bug.. so it's a bad copy.. anyway, listen and tell me what you think!

Also, this is the first movement of a progressive piece called Remembrance, I think the final is like 14mins long (it's not repetitive either)
i'd say it was......progressive rock?? lol

its a really cool piece to listen to, you should be pleased with it =)
Yeah, it's progressive and has elements of metal, and elements of .. erm, indie??


Thanks guys.

You've listened 3 times? How does the song feel to you? What does it make you think of? Emotional response is?
I thought it sounded great dude. I defenitely dug the progressive vibe. I definetly heard quite a few dream theaterish riffs and progressions in there. Eventhough I could hear some influences it still sounded very original.

The song seems very well composed and well put together.

I would love to hear this actually played(some of the solos seem really difficult though), I think it would be really bad ass.

Great job dude.

And thanks for the crit on mine,
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I like the beginning. It reminds me of Opeth's playing. Only thing bad to me is the use of alot of p.h. but it still sounded awesome in that situation.
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that sounded really cool. I like how it kind of tells a story with a beginning, middle (the shreddy stuff) and then concludes with a resolving end. thats what a well written song should do
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I agree - awesome "prog rock" sounding tune. Very interesting modalities on some of those solo lines.

It's one of those tunes that makes me want to jam with it - but feels like it demands "precision" I generally cannot deliver lol...

...as you would hear if you listen to either of the tunes currently in my profile.

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probably progresive rock or metal not much difference
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