Hey guys
I bought a new S520EX yesterday

It's great but I got a question about the whammy bar

I've never used a pop-in arm so I'm new to this

Is it normal if the bar falls out when I lean over (it gets pulled out easily)?
No, should sit in the bridge firmly. Try to squeeze it gently in, and see if it "clicks" on...
Else take it back
ZR has never used a pop-in arm either. The ZR arms are screw-in.
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Unless it is a zr2, you have the wrong arm. And it isn't a zr 2
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Yeh push down on the arm and turn clockwise. the more you do it, the lower the bar will go and then you simply use the cap on the arm holder to tighten it. to get it so the bar stays firm in any position, i had to use pliers lol