do any rock bands today use them? all i know of from the older decades is Van halen and The who. do they have a place in rock music>?? i was thinking of getting one cuz they sound so frickin cool
Many, many bands use synthesisers. Bands I've seen that used a synth include Korn, Pelican, Death From Above, Mad Capsule Markets and lots lots more.
i was thinking of getting one but dont know if it has a place in rock for me .
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It definitely has a place in rock - Children of Bodom, Dragonforce, Satyricon, The Kinks, Depeche Mode... To name but a small few bands who employ keyboards, which is basically what a synthesiser is.

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Quite a few bands use them. Just on the top of my head: Radiohead use a synth for a few of their songs but I think they're a different sound to what you're looking for.

It had a big place during the 80's but it's sort of made a come back in the past few years with bands using more electronic samples.
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Guns N' Roses used 'em too, I believe there was some on November Rain among other songs.
I know there are many bands that use them

but off the top oif my head the ones i can think of are
Depche Mode
The Kinks
and i think The killers
Coheed and Cambria, NIN, The Killers, Red hot chilli peppers, Beck, sonic youth, The shins; etc

All use synth

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Dream Theater, Symphony X, Children of Bodom

Even Black Metal bands like Behemoth and Dimmu Borgir use them

(Yes I know Behemoth are Blackened Death Metal and I know that some people say Dimmu Borgir aren't Black Metal either. I don't give a crap)

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Guns N' Roses used 'em too, I believe there was some on November Rain among other songs.

Apparently the whole orchestra was synthesised.

I've heard.
They have a HUGE place in rock. Almost all the Power Metal bands use them.

yeha, pretty much everyone uses them or has used them.
well, excpet the people who have never used them.
dream theater

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Freezepop, Ladytron, AFI, The Epoxies, Shiny Toy Guns, Bloc Party, Polysics...

It's a little iffy whether some of those bands would be considered rock, but you get the idea.
There's usually a guy in most black metal bands that plays a chord every five minutes or something.

He's usually about 4'3", 82 lbs, and has the gayest corpse paint of anyone in the band.

But yes, it's a shame there is not more synth in music. It will come back, though.
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Guns N' Roses used 'em too, I believe there was some on November Rain among other songs.

isnt that the keyboardist dizzy reed? I love how no one remembers him and yet he is basically part of the 'star' line up of gnr.

Anyway, ya keyboards and synthesizers definetely have a part in rock music. Muse, dragonforce, etc...
Sorry to bring the thread up again but...

Ahem.....Rush/Police/Yes/Tool/Cure/Zappa/Pink Floyd ...list goes on, but to | culkid |, It depends if you want analog or digital. Also depends on your budget, look on Wikipedia. I believe the big staples of Synth was Minimoog, Yamaha DX7, Roland, but theyre is countless others.....Oberheim, Korg (ugh), Alesis, ARP

Hope it helped

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A ton of New Wave and post punk bands use them, and new wave and post punk are awesome. Also Devo use then, and Devo=gods, so synths are awesome. I'm getting a Microkorg soon, can't wait.
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Muse use them quite a bit. And Placebo as well. John Frusciante uses em, but really experimentally...
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Apparently the whole orchestra was synthesised.

I've heard.

yeah it was, says in slash's autobiography that he'd never heard a real orchestra sound that good

or something along the lines of that